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Essential Freshwater Social Impact Report

Report by Rachael Inch and peer reviewed by Doctor Heather Collins

Over the past 18 months the Mid Canterbury Rural Support Trust has seen and felt the anxiety, nervousness and the fear of the unknown increase within our community as new polices from the Government have been announced. The feeling among the community is hard to measure but we felt it would be valuable for us a Trust to commission a Social Welfare Impact report to get a true measure of what is happening in our community.


Having engaged Rachael Inch and Heather Collins to discuss what was needed, it was decided that Rachael would do the research report and Heather would help design, guide and peer review the independent report. Heather Collins is a facilitator and rural social scientist with a PhD from Massey University in Agriculture and Environment. She recently completed the Horizons Regional Council Social Impact Assessment for the Proposed Plan Change 2.


Rachael has a background in farming but is more well known for the extensive work she has done in the social sector. Experienced in community development at the local government level Rachael has spent many years working alongside the rural community, particularly in Selwyn. Rachael is the founder of an NZ registered Charity that is dedicated to increasing wellbeing in the community through the arts. She also holds formal qualifications in Agribusiness and Business Management. 

Click on the PDF document below to download the full report.

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