Sometimes you need to chat with someone who gets your issues, someone who’s been there before.

Rural Support Trusts have local, rural people who know from experience that pressures can mount up. Our networks and training can help with all kinds of situations, and help you get through your current challenges.

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Getting through drought

We all know that droughts can be long and relentless.  Look after yourself, family, employees and keep an eye on your neighbours.

Talk to trusted advisors and those who have survived this before, and make use of the help or support offered. The drought has been affecting Northland for some time and this is stressful while we wait for rain

Talk to your local stock agent.  Book as early as possible; space at meat plants remains tight due to the Covid-19 disruption with shipping and markets.

In many regions, drought and the effects of COVID-19 have combined to create feed pressure for farmers.  Now is the time to seek help and plan for the next few months. If buying feed - act early. Order supplementary feed now while some is available.

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Fundraiser Horse Trek for North Canterbury

1/29/2022 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Surfing for Farmers - North Canterbury

08 Nov 2021

Started by farmers, for farmers

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Surfing for Farmers - Southland

Started by farmers, for farmers

04 Nov 2021

Surfing for Farmers is about bringing farmers together, off-farm and into the surf to enchace wellbeing. There are 22 locations around New Zealand this Summer.

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Preparing for COVID-19 On-Farm

Checklist for Farmers

04 Nov 2021

It’s only a matter of time before a positive case of COVID-19 turns up on-farm. Is your business prepared if one does?

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Essential Freshwater Social Impact Report

Report by Rachael Inch and peer reviewed by Doctor Heather Collins

02 Nov 2021
Over the past 18 months the Mid Canterbury Rural Support Trust has seen and felt the anxiety, nervousness and the fear of the unknown increase within our community as new polices from the...
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